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Best Western reveals main Indonesian development strategy

 Best Western International (BWI) has revealed some strategies for a widespread as well as fast-paced growth by means of Indonesia to more than twofold its assortment transversely the country at the end of this year. The company also declared the strategies that in the previous month in a press conference apprehended at the innovative coming star hotel in Bali, Best Western Premier Sunset Road Kuta - the modern BWI possessions on the ‘Island of God’.

Talking with local as well as international media at the occasion was Glenn de Souza, Vice President of International Operations of BWI for Asia & the Middle East.

 “I am pleased to be launching Best Western International’s Indonesian development at this fabulous innovative hotel, the Best Western Premier Sunset Road Kuta.  This unusual possession signifies correctly what we are maddening to understand here in Indonesia, to produce a variety of lively, modern hotels that provide to the modern tourist,” it was said by de Souza.

“We’re standup at an extremely significant era in the history of Indonesia Exact now, Crosswise the country, nonrefundable income is increasing and also the request for tourism is growing.  Along the ASEAN Economic Community owing to initiate in 2015, through Indonesia at its soppiness, this development path will merely get sharper in the coming years.

He added that “Best Western International is for the long-term in Indonesia and we have planned to establish long-lasting relationships here for both of our guests and industry partners.” 


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