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Housing Launches in Bangkok Fall to 50% from August to September

According to AREA president Sopon Pornchokchai the most recent study that was led by the Agency for Real Estate Affairs (AREA) different housing launches in the Thai capital have been dropped to 50% in expressions to lots of developments in September as compared to August 2013, by 16% in terms of worth and by 9% in terms of units; failure in innovative launches is mostly because of the stormy rain, which produced floods in certain parts.

The studies review that only 22 innovative housing developments were accessible in the Bangkok market and its urban area in September, decay from 44 in the preceding month .A lots of units introduced in August was 11,486 as well as in September it fall to 10,459. Different innovative housing launches in August united and having value of 40.37 billion baht and besides this number dropped to 34.01 billion baht in September.

Still housing units were the much prevalent projects, with 9,765 units introduced in September, which is 88.5% of the entire innovative project launches, shadowed by townhouses along 722 units and 6.9% of the new launches, as well as 319 separate houses, which were accounted for 3.1% of the entire different and fresh residential launches. These new housing project launches having price from 1 million baht to 3 million baht and  still remain common between financiers, accounting for 54% of the fresh progresses finalized in September, followed through property units containing price from  3 million baht to 5 million baht.

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