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Improving property standards for the Asean Economic Community

While carrying out re-election campaign for governorship of Bangkok, Sukhumbhand Paribatra promised to prepare the city for establishment the Asean Economic Community (AEC) by late 2015.

The policy has many advantageous aspects as Bangkok enjoys so many advantages that make the city great potential for becoming an economic hub of Southeast Asia. The announcement was viewed positively by property industry of the city as the property industry would witness a growth in such development.

Several business organizations of ASEAN prefer to set up head offices or regional offices in Bangkok thanks to the economic advantages the city offers.

The city provides bridge to the newly emerging economies of Indochina and Myanmar to connect with other ASEAN countries. There is improved human resources and Infrastructure in the city that appeal the industrial activities.

Furthermore, the cost of initiation of business activities proves very competitive in Bangkok. Corporate occupancy costs show main indicating factor in this regard.

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