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Non preparation of the PHL companies for the Asean 2015---- business leaders

The companies of Philippine are not ready to contest in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) financial incorporation by 2015 and a waning has been given to them by the officials in corporate that they might get hurt by the single market for a bloc of ten nations more than the benefit.

The companies based on Filipino run are not able to compete in opposition to the regional counterparts, the chief financial officer of Jollibee Foods; Ysmael Baysa stated this in a forum on Wednesday in the Makati city during his conversation in the Economic Journalists Association Of The Philippines.

Some concerns were expressed by the Baysa in relation to the declining sector of agriculture which is suffering from the regional financial integration. In the aspects of technological development and advancement, the field of agriculture has been at the last in the whole region and it indeed needs to be brought up technologically, the chief financial officer said.

Lack of willingness and keenness are some of the moves that play their role to delay the implementation of such technological developments in some areas, he said.

Better is to postpone somethings for which we are not completely ready rather than facing it afterwards and bearing rthe consequences of our non-readiness, the CFO of Jollibee noted.

In order to operate like a single market along with distribution base, the Association of Southeast Asian Nation has a vision and planned this in the year 2015. 


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