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Property prices in China still continue to rise

Across the globe, while experts discuss the reasons there is a financial stagnation in China, the home market in continues to experience a boost in prices.

Records reveal that the nation's economy grew by 7.5 % in Quarter 2 which was lower than the 7.7 % signed up in Quarter one. In contrast, a report on the Global House Price Index by Knight Frank revealed a 10 % increase in the expense of properties over the first half of 2013.


The Federal Government in China introduced brand-new rules in the month of March, nevertheless, in spite of these new policies to control the marketplace, home prices show no indicators of slowing down. The city of Beijing has a 20 % capital gains tax, which is levied on resale properties, but if the seller has actually owned the property for beyond what 5 years and the household has nothing else home, then this tax is not levied. Purchasers who are single and permanent citizens of Beijing can acquire only one residential device. They need to show that there is no other residence registered in their name. The government also enhanced the deposit ratio for a second household house purchase to 70 %.

Similarly, the city of Shanghai has introduced various credit policies for different buyers. Individuals purchasing a third house or even more can not take advantage of bank loans. Similarly, 2nd time property buyers will deal with higher rate of interest and bigger down payment ratios. The city will also levy a 20 % capital gains tax on all sales. The tax quantity will be based upon the valuation of the property, for example, in the city of Guangzhou, the cost of a brand-new house is decided on the total boost in per capita disposable earnings. Residents who are not registered, but want to buy a home, can buy only one house. Nevertheless, they will have to prove that over the past two years, they have remained in the nation for a total amount of twelve months. The government just accepts earnings tax certifications and social insurance documents as evidence.

Mr. Holt from Knight Frank stated that the response from city governments to the cost rise underscores the issue faced in China. The governments do not wish to cut off their profits source and do not wish to break the policies of the Federal Government. He likewise stated that investors with enhanced liquidity continue to look at the real estate market for investments. According to him, the absence of lasting alternative investments will continue to drive up rates in the Chinese property market.

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