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Property prices in Shanghai still rising

Luxury properties in searched for areas of Shanghai stay in demand despite the intro of brand-new taxes and various other cooling measures, the most up to date report on the Chinese city's domestic market shows.

According to the record from Knight Frank the ordinary deal rate will continue to grow, increased by the launch of new jobs, however there is some evidence of buyers slowing down as brand-new home sales fell somewhat.


The report also says that in the leasing market, influenced by the development of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, more multinational corporations will be established in Shanghai and the rise of new expat arrivals will cause more renting need, which will definitely push up the typical lease and tenancy rate.

In addition, due to the favorable impact of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the lack of residential properties within the Area, surrounding residential jobs will deal with a brand-new round of development in sales price.

The report shows that the land market stayed buoyant in the third quarter of 2013, with 32 residential plots negotiated, 15 plots or 88 % more than the previous quarter. The active land market is correlated to the positive prospect of developers. 'Due to the enthusiasm of designers in acquiring land, over half of the transacted land attained premium rates of over 100 %,' it states.

In the 3rd quarter, luxury house supply surged to 320,000 square meter, up 14.3 % quarter on quarter, of which nearly 210,000 square meters was found in downtown, comparable to the total new downtown supply in the first half of 2013.

However there are indications that some investors and wealthy buyers might be reaching their restriction in regards to costs. There were some indications of purchasers' interest cooling off as brand-new house sales amounted to 138,000 square meter, down 6.7 % quarter on quarter.

Sales of residential properties priced over RMB100,000 per square meter lowered 27 % quarter on quarter. Such sales had actually fallen in July and August but in September, brand-new house sales rebounded rapidly to strike their highest level up until now in 2013.

The luxury rental market is being affected by the financial recession in Europe and the United States, the record states. Arrivals of managerial level expats to Shanghai minimized significantly in the 3rd quarter. Leasing demand deteriorated whilst the tenancy rate was up to 94.1 % with a quarter on quarter decrease of 1.8 %.

In the 3rd quarter, the occupancy rate of luxury vacation homes in Pudong reached 95.4 %, down 1.3 % compared with the previous quarter. In addition, due to limited occupant budget, some luxury serviced apartments dealt with high vacancy rates, one of the reasons for the enhanced vacancy rate in the 3rd quarter.

Owing to restricted budget and greater living expenses in Shanghai, the majority of expats decided to renew leases in the 3rd quarter, though most landlords raised rents somewhat. The ordinary lease in the third quarter reached RMB180.1 per square meter per month, a boost of 1.7 % quarter on quarter.

Throughout the peak season for international school registration, luxury villa leasing stayed active with a 5.4 % boost in the ordinary lease in the third quarter.

In the third quarter, the ordinary deal cost was up to RMB56,609 per square meter, a quarter on quarter reduction of 1 %.

'With the stagnation of sales in the riverside area of Lujiazui, the sales of brand-new homes priced over RMB100,000 per square meter minimized 27 % quarter on quarter, dragging down the average luxury residential rate,' the report states.

'However, as new home sales picked up in September, buoyed by strong acquiring need, market value are expected to keep on a favorable development trend in the coming Twelve Month,' it concludes.

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