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Wong Amat the Prissy Outstanding House

Sea looks to be the excellent choice of the urban people when they required relaxation. Mostly people consider the “Pattaya” sea that is not situated at a distance from Bangkok. It is located at a drive of few hours. Here people completely enjoy with the nature that is quietly invers to urban areas. Resorts of Pattaya are always full, remained full till now and it is not astonishing.

Naklua Wong Amat is very comforting and also adjacent to Sanctuary of Truth. It is like source of culture and considered landmark of city. It is also same as the beach in the form of serenity and secrecy.

Porchland Group established The Prim Grand Condominium Naklua Soi 12. “Happiness and Peace on the private space is the idea behind this creation and it clearly illustrates the entire project.

Another project is the Prim which can completely match to the standard of living as well as related requirements. It is planned in such a way that Only 64 units create the private resident. It includes   8 floors containing all services or facilities on upper floor like fitness, swimming pool, restaurant, Jacuzzi and sauna.

Design is elegant and up-to-date having touch of East Modern Oriental. Furniture is designed for all for the living room, kitchen bedroom. Capacity of the project is 300 sqw. It comprises of one to about three bedrooms containing the size from 40.00 to 190.00 sqm. We utilize LED light for the entire project which is the greatest source of energy saving.



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