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Singha Caddy Championship in Thailand on Monday 16th September 2013

Among seven hundred Thai caddies from six rounds at regional level, about one hundred and forty contestants will participate in grand finale of fourth marvelous Thailand Singha Caddy championship in current year. This event will be held by Siam Plantation in Pattaya by Monday 16th September. 

This tournament will be truly international in the sense that top caddies from China, Malaysia and South Korea will participate in the event of 2013.

This event will be started by a photo call at eleven past thirty minutes following a shotgun at twelve by challenging twenty seven holes from eighteen clubs. 

The participant must be competitive exceptionally and have great passion to win the tournament.  Although there are many exciting prizes and offers for the winners, however one major incentive for players is chances to win an overseas trip to participate in upcoming South Korean Caddy championship. In addition to this facility to drive a brand new scooter to reach nearest to hole will also be provided to the participants.

This event will be covered by Golfing World TV, broadcasting final to approximately three hundred million viewers around the globe.

A large number of spectators are also expected, as previous year there number was about twelve hundred viewers, it is hoped that this year this number will be exceeded.  This event provides you a great opportunity to cherish your love partner by staying at Siam Plantation. 

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