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Successful Thais in Bangkok targeted for London houses


Successful Thais in Bangkok are directed by Jones Lang LaSalle Thailand in an association with important British contractor St James. In Bangkok St James is encouraging the promotion of establishment of houses in London.

The Corniche includes three towers which are located on the south side of the River Thames established through St James, which is also the part of the Berkeley Group. today as well as tomorrow at The Bangkok Club, Sathorn City Tower, South Sathorn Road Suphin  Mechuchep  a presentation of  sales will be apprehended here ,It is supposed by the managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle Thailand that  the company perceived the sustained concern among successful  Thais who are searching  for chances and prospects to acquire the  housing properties in London, From among them there are few  parents who have an idea to send their children to schools and universities in the capital of British, similarly they have a desire to buy a house for the purpose of residence for their  children, In spite  of all this parents can stay there whenever  they will visit them.



Thai buyers are also thinking about certain type of gain in money whenever they will resell that property, when their children will finish their education and will return back to Thailand. There are some Other Thai buyers who are ultra-high net wealth persons who pursue chances to capitalize in the greatest recognized property market of London which also provide principle profits of risk-adjusted and contain no restriction on foreign possession.


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