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Centra declaread as the runner up for the Pattaya expo Food and Hotlier

In this year of 2013 pattaya food and hotelier expo of its (7th edition) being programmed with having the theme "Thailand's Biggest Hospitality Art Competition & Showcase" in this event many exhibitions being held with fair featuring and beverage products and all facilities of hotel and restaurant with the help more than 80 companies. 

The “Professional Floral Arrangement” competition, “Pattaya Signature Drink 2013″ is one of the most thrilling competitions held by the expo which are things to see. The competition which is more anticipated by the people is spa and international culinary competition. Culinary cup 2013 is the impression of Pattaya, the world cuisine city.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya team is being called as first runner up team in the ceremony of awards during Pattaya Food & Hoteliers Expo 2013 is highlighted in the 7th edition. Is being rewarded as second consecutive year as thailand’s best welcoming party.

Throughout the competition has been won by the resort for getting the total score in which also twelve prizes for kitchen and food and beverage and for that it got Golden trophy for overall champion kitchen summary. As well as it was the champion of the golden trophy of all over champion trophies spa competition counting four spa prizes.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya is the first typical ideal hotel of Thailand which is the 5-star land and inspired of this stimulated design its lost world which is located on wong amat beach in north pattaya. This hotel having 18 storey with 555 rooms and suites all heads towards ocean and it is mid in alush water park as well as pools, waterfalls and rivers. There are few hotels which has right to use its own beach in pattaya, and centara is one of them.






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