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Condo Buyers Selection Option for Postponement of Transfer of Their Units in Second Half of 2013

 A trend for opting delay in the transfer of units has been observed in the condominium buyers in the second half of the current year. Apparently the trend is influenced by the case of a Sansiri customer at Base Sukhumvit 77 condominium, who recorded their complaints regarding quality of units where a deflection problem was witnessed due to construction process. Deflection issue relates to the displacement of structural elements under loads.

While listed developers showed their willingness to resolve the issue, there are certain other builders operating in the projects are now inclined to about the quality of their construction unit without the flaw of displacement and they are even ready to hire professional for inspection of their constructed units before handing these to the buyers.

This trend of builders is supported by the statement of Nitinai Plodpinyo, managing director of a professional inspection company ‘Checkcon’ who claims that their clientage has increased by 15% after the case of Sansiri. He proclaimed that developers of condominiums and other low-rise residences were more conscious about the quality of units before transferring them out.

These clients hire the services of the company in order to inspect and diagnose the problems and significantly the deflection issue in their property units. Key problem found in result of deflection is the leakage problem, which destroy walls and floors of the units. As a result there is a delay in the transfer process of these units which is usually between two weeks to two months.


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