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Frauds in tax are requested to be arrested, by the tourism ministry of Pattaya


The frauds in the tax payments are such crimes that are not only harmful for one or two departments of a state but they are a great hindrance in the development of the country as it greatly affects the planned budgets for the progress. In order to stop such crimes, the DSI has been requested now by the two main ministries that are tourism and sports, to arrest such individuals or groups that have been found breaking the laws and tax fraud and are well known in making several offenses. Taxi and tour operators were also intervened by them and they were well known for their offenses and threatening the taxi businesses.

DSI has now been working on this case and trying to catch the tax fraud culprits as soon as possible in order to secure their country from such people.

taxis having the black license plates are not permitted to be operated in Thailand, still the culprits who are involved in threatening the operators use to provide service to the tourists through their illegal taxis. Till now, about five hundred of the drivers have been arrested for running their illegal taxis in Thailand. This arresting has contributed a lot in decreasing the operation of illegal taxis in Thailand specifically in Pattaya.


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