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Impact of real estate investment in Thailand

 The statistics, the progressing graphs and the development projects that are under consideration nowadays in the Asian country Thailand, depicts that it is going to be a very fruitful business place for the investors to invest in the real estate market as it can give a handy return to the investors.

The first real estate investment trust (REIT) is to be launched by the Impact exhibition Management in the country that is the business unit included in the Bangkok land Plc. This might take a finance of about 20 billion baht in the fourth quarter in order to finance the second phase of the exhibition.

Half of the REIT would be controlled by the Bangkok land while the rest will be presented to institutional and retail investors. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is yet to approve the funds and then after hat the unit price of REIT will be determined.

Chairman of the Bangkok land stated that the company has resolute to increase the funds with the help of the REIT because half of the REIT’s unit trust would be under the rules and regulations made by the SEC. a stake of about 50% has been expected to maintained by the Bangkok land for a time period of almost 5 years.

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