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A Failed Theft

In the building of pawnshop an unsuccessful attempt of theft occurred in the midnight. The windows were broken down at the scene of crime. Due to iron gates and security alarm protections the criminal was unable to enter the building.

The report about this theft was received at 3:00 am Pol.Ltd, Wonsuwan Thayiratpokin on 30th August, 2013- PATTAYA; Sukhmyit 63 (Branch no 27) 36/49, before it reached Banglamung, Central Pattaya, Chonburi and Moo.9 Nong Pure.

The building where the incident occurred has four floors, it remain open from 9am to 18pm and was known as pawn shop. Iron doors and 4 CCTV cameras are installed in the building for its security. The manager of branch, Mr. Thiwanon Krietchomyit whose age was 31 years and security officials of SEACOM Company were waiting for the Police to investigate that incident. The criminals tried to get into the building using a wooden stair that was installed at the time of construction and was not removed. To break the window on second floor criminals take the help of a big stone. But they couldn’t make a big hole and were unable to get into the building. At the same time, security alarms start ringing and the criminals were forced to run away. It is suspected that one of the criminals would have got a cut from the window glass because bloodstains are found there. This incident has occurred because management has not planned to install CCTV camera at the back of the building. The CCTV camera footage was viewed by the Police and the Manager but they couldn’t find any evidence of the criminals.

The Manager of the Pawnshop Mr. Thiwanon claims that the thieves selected this building because there are no security guards at the front and even at the back of the building. Also the criminal selected the second floor where there are assets and mortgages belonging to the customers. They couldn’t enter the building because the alarms start ringing and the security officials of SEACOM Company heard that alarm. They reported that to Police and the Police investigated further to catch them.

The Police investigated the incident and claimed that there were 1-2 criminals who were trying to steal the Property of customers placed in Pawnshop but they couldn’t do that because of security doors and alarms. The Police have doubt that they have the car and they escaped via train in Soi. The Police is still examining the evidences to find those criminals.

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