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ACQUA condominium – Jomtien Pattaya Featured

Acqua Condominium is the brain child of Royal Oak Group. Earlier successful ventures of the group include Gallery in Jomtien, Townhomes, The Urban and 66 Condo. It is first in the city to add edgy calculated feature in the projects of ‘The Urban’ and ‘SP Townhomes’. Royal Oak Group was originally home-builder Four year ago, it switched to condominium market of Pattaya and initiated project ‘The Urban’ in Pattaya.

The Urban is listed among the most competitive condominium in the real estate market of Pattaya. Soon the group has succeeded in achieving its leading position in condominium real estate market of Pattaya. The cutting edge designs, high end spaces, elegant lines, beautiful colors are the unique characteristics of ACQUA condos. High quality and beautiful elements appeal every eye. Rooftop swimming pools, a barbecue pavilion, a game room, gardens, a library and free transportation for the residents to and from the beach are important highlights of AQUA condos. Rental investors have been appealed to the project thanks to its superb and ideal location and competitive price.

Aqua attracts those seeking long and short term rentals. There is no alternate project available in the Jomtien market other than Acqua that offers unique location, amenity selection, quality and distance to the beach. Location of ACQUA is unique draw as it is situated between beach road and second road of Jomtien. It is considerably closer to the shores. The developer has declared ACQUA Condominium a thoughtfully designed, offering more with less money at an ideal location.

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