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Condo Buyers became the reason for the popularity of Jomtien area

According to the Knight Frank, the amount of condominium units that were initiated inside twenty projects in the first six months of the year 2013 in Pattaya were about 10153.

The popularity obtained from the Jomtien place was units reaching to 4247. A consultant of real estate told that: “Pattaya gained to be the top location with seaside that is desired to be visited. One can access this place from all over Asia and is well assisted by investments made by government. It also added the up gradation by increased the capacity of U-Tapao airport to passengers ranging to five million annually and by developing a rail link of high speed that assists traffic to reach this great resort city.

With the commencement of 3114 units that are about thirty percent of the entire value, the place of North Pattaya or the Wong Mart got the second top desirable position after the Jomtein place.
This area is thought to be one of the busiest places due to its entertainment points, restaurants and shopping malls. Due to its crowdedness, it is not as fit for development of residencies. Only 992 units were launched in Pramtumnak.

Price is determined on the basis of views and locations. A single view of the sea brought Bt130000 in each square meter. The unit of sea view in Jomtien was sold at a range of Bt91372-Bt140000 and the normal price ranges from Bt77610 to Bt89010.

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