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Healthy organizations requires to have a very friendly workplace


As it is stated earlier that Pattaya is one of the most rapidly developing city that is hosting more and more international level events and conferences to attract the visitors from all around the world as well as making its remarkable name in the cities of the world by keeping itself socially responsible city.

For the same reason, the officials at Pattaya are interested to invite the people like you to the conference relating to health in Pattaya. This conference that will be held under the International Union For Health Promotion And Education (IUHPE) is given a title of happy Workplace is the way to achieve genuine health organizations. It will took place on august 26 , 2013, from 12:30pm to 14:45pm in the central city of Thailand, Pattaya. Change fusion and the health promotion foundation of Thailand are the main organizers of the above mentioned side meeting.

The main objectives of this type of side meeting are to discuss the problems concerned with the health promotion at the worksite as well as the introduction of the Happy Workplace Program (HWP). This program is a very effective and broadly advantageous program that spread the awareness to the employee to keep a check on its mental and physical health which laterally would result in the formation of better families leading to the formation of a better society. The professionals from all over the world will join to discuss and share the challenges and their solutions to provide a better workplace to the employees working in different organizations.


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