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Sansiri throws agents party at ‘Baan Plai Haad Pattaya’

Sinsiri, a leading real estate developer of Thailand, unveiled its latest show units at a special agent party for its Baan PlaiHaad condominium. The party was held last month in Wong Amat. The participants were local real estate sales agents and media representatives. The company invited the media to witness the announcement of the company so that its plans of project may be promoted locally in Thailand and overseas.

Sansiri believes Pattaya, particularly Wong Amat, is an ideal location having high potential and considerable attraction for foreign market. Out of top three economically popular cities of Thailand, Pattaya is expected to grow significantly once the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is established in the future. It is expected such event will attract significant tourism.

The proposed mass transit system of high speed rail link is expected to bring the economy of Pattaya to unprecedented new heights.

‘Today, tomorrow and forever’, is marketing communication campaign of the company. Part of such campaign is the units at Baan PlaiHaad. It characterizes the availability of specially designed Calvin Klein furniture packages adding unique feature to the interior.

The value of the project ‘Baan PlaiHaad’ is over 2.2 billion baht. The condominium stands most desirable location. The condominium complex is situated at beautiful stunning panoramic scenes of sea views and close to such beautiful and attractive places that frequently appeal the international tourism. Thus, the Baan PlaiHaad is expected to be a wonderful project that will be an ideal place of tourists.

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