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Ocean Lane Villas are offered for sale. There is sufficient floor and living space. There also two beautiful family homes offered from which the customers may choose. Luxurious reception, two pools, restaurants, tropical communal garden, 24-hour security and facilities of full resort are unique highlights of Ocean Lane Villas.

There are two villas having three bedrooms, private pools and three bathrooms for those who seek to enjoyable life style of beautiful Na Jomtien.

Ocean Lane Villa is beautiful Thai Bali styled home. It is situated on 34 villas project. It is two minute walk to get to it. The homes are located at such a serine and quiet beach. It meets the modern family life standard. Peace and luxury are two unique ingredients that appeal everyone.

The villas are situated off the Sukhumvit Road. It is such a convenient place that makes it possible to get to Bangkok in just one hour and thirty minute without going through Pattaya city. Pattaya is a few minutes away from the villas. The two homes are beautiful and attractive. They attract every eye thanks to its best building material, design, situation and amenities they offer. First villa has 300 square meters of land. It has two floors, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three restrooms. The second one has 340 square meters. It has also two floor, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The homes are unique in their style, amenities and location. There is no doubt; the offer is also unique in its character as such homes are not frequently available for sale.

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