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Ocean Marina and the Boat show in Pattaya

The Boat show that is the only luxury lifestyle show is just going to rejoice its 2nd edition in November this year and almost 3000 visitors are expected to be attracted in this great event.

In order to make a connection with the global audience, the traders at Pattaya have launched different and a number of commercial partnerships and sponsorship packages that will help the companies to put together their own initiatives of marketing in the edition number two of the great Marina boat show in Pattaya.

This show is expected to have attracting about hundreds of exhibitors that would be the representative of world class brands and the internationally leading boating players. This all inclusion in the event is going to make this show of 2013 to be a must focus show for all the world’s industry related to marine gaming.

Another aspect of this great show is the representation of this beautiful Pattaya city as a city with leading seaside hubs with world class standard facilities in the national arena as well as a city with the ability to hold such great international events.

This event will be helpful in motivating the tourists to visit Thailand thus assisting the tourism industry to develop as well as the businesses that are related to the marine industry like boat charter, boat services, water sports, boat accessories, boat building and  the marine related property sales.

There are a number of categories that will be attracting and amusing the tourists of about hundred international and national nations.

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