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Rise in prospective investment property due to tax cuts

Permanent secretary of Finance Ministry Areepong Bhoochaoom emphasized that Thailand is going to challenge Singapore and Hong Kong for the purpose of shopping due to decrease in tax on extravagance imports.

In a month, Dresser is predictable to lower import duties on stylish goods, thus the government also contain rule for Thailand to become a shopping destination, consequently taxes will be reasonable as compared to the countries of Hong Kong and Singapore.

It is a general conviction that minor tax duties on extravagance goods, will pull many foreign people and spur local spending. Such type of change will occur as the economy is confronted with and reducing domestic spending as well as exports, simultaneously tourism is the single economic engine that is encouraging for late government projects and the climate of World.

 The main problem is that “still Thailand issues goods to 30-per-cent duties. He stated that when tourists visit to Thailand and buy all things which they need, it would increase expenditure per tourist. It is recommended that discount succumbed for agreement would see reimbursements in 2013, though to diminish the effect on domestic businesses. They require assessing it wisely.

It is realized that the discounts would protect the economy in the second half. Particularly when it will be joint to expenditure of infrastructure that is about Bt100, this will provide the targeted 4% development in this year. To improve the growth of potential capital and rental income, tax reductions will increase the profits on property.




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