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Sale-able abode in Chonburi, Pattaya

The most configured attribute which we offering to you has been situated near the beautiful pool and near architect greenery views. The new designed and well furnished attribute is made of 3 living rooms, exclusive 3 bathrooms , Europe style kitchen, a vacant plan is made and a place for dinning.

Especially room is built for guests on the first floor where they can enjoy the beautiful area full of flowers and can enjoy the cataractal of water, rooms which can be used for offices. A separate room for house made, open and vacant terrace, and a parking lounge facilitating. New innovative things are made for the private rooms with the beautiful pond which showers down another pond which gives a innovative look and then further showers into 3 layer which moves up to a lawn which gives a boundary around the ponds and the abode. We can see such a beautiful and innovative design houses through drive of 5 minutes from Sukhumit road and enjoy the service which we providing you.

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