Sale-able lodges available in Chonburi, Pattaya

It is situated 40 m away from elegant and attractive bangsaray shore and it is considered extremely sole, as the ocean eyesight lodge which provide us the seclusion and dream able place for the facility of apprehensive things for the purchaser, for the design-able facilities like Thai bai style which is considered as the exclusive in European people which guaranties there design for 10 years, where we can also have a look of beautiful colored water like gulf of Thailand.

The lodges inside view is dramatically attractive whose design give us such a relaxing ecological feeling and the style of walls are made give a life style having the large and vacant open plan, kitchen  place and the place for lunch . Open and vacant window panes are made which are reached to the top of the room gives us the feeling of airy environment  and the Mecca wood has been used for the furnished look  provide the facility of 3 living rooms . 3 exclusive top class washrooms and the vacant  hall  made for games or for exercise or to set your office, or to made swimming pool that gives you a fresh look  and this all made in a greenery with full of flowers and the top class gardens. These whole dreamy things are made for those peoples who want to spend their life best in every aspect and you can contact us at any time to plan this all for your living near sea view lodge.

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