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The Palm oasis provides a modern Thai concept with strong accents of traditional Thai living. Its immaculate design will incorporate the finest of both east and west blended seamlessly to give a feeling of both luxury and comfort.


The Palm Oasis provides a contemporary concept of living with strong  inflection of tradition. It is designed  perfectly to provide a sense of comfort as well as luxury. Focus of Palm Oasis design is one of open plan designs, and their major focus is on fetching nature under ceiling through glass in front and back of the house. The plantation pattern and vegetation is designed in such a way that it seems to bring perfect touch of nature is in the house. The major living zone is  encircled through a large round of infinity  pool to create a immaculate sense of harmony with nature. The living area is also combined with open kitchen along with an island unit that is furnished in dark tea and black colored hyacinth furniture thus providing a great sense of Asian living at its best. 

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