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Pattaya,Let's go!

Pattaya,Let's go! Pattaya,Let's go!

Chernobyl, Pyongyang and Hull such delights used to be reasonably high on my list of places to avoid and nestled amongst, but these days Pattaya has certainly turned itself around.

Okay, okay so a decent number of the estimated 8 million visitors who visited this once famously city during 2012 might have been lonely hearted fellas with a GSOH whom WLTM ladies for fun, evenings out, country walks and “possibly romance”, but seriously, a large bulk of the visitors to Pattaya would have been domestic travellers from Bangkok and beyond who favour the vibrant city life and excellent golf courses over the beach for their holidays.

In the main,it’s “ordinary” tourists from Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe who simply love the fine combination of sun, sea, sand and shopping.

Pattaya,Let's go!

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