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Pattaya real estate - sun, fun and rental income

Pattaya real estate - sun, fun and rental income Pattaya real estate - sun, fun and rental income

Real estate in Pattaya is a market with outstanding bargains. Catering for every income level, Pattaya real estate ranges from elegant pool villas amid tropical gardens to highly affordable seafront condos. Pattaya's cheap cost of living, excellent amenities and broad leisure options attracts a broad spectrum of real estate investor. Some real estate purchasers pick Pattaya for their retirement, to enjoy excellent golfing and upgrade their quality of life. Bangkok-based expats buy Pattaya real estate to have a weekend home within 90 minutes of the capital.

A growing amount of real estate in Pattaya and its quieter sister town of Jomtien is also bought as family holiday homes - bases for enjoying the often overlooked attractions of a town many only associate with bars and nightlife.

Attractions such go-karting and the Flight of the Gibbon tree-top ride are now extending the appeal of Pattaya real estate, which has always offered beaches, restaurants and shopping alongside its lively bar scene.

The town's growing sophistication is reflected in new international-style shopping malls like Central Festival Pattaya.

In addition to prices far cheaper than most other Thailand destinations, Pattaya real estate can offer advantages such as developer financing andguaranteed rental income. Substantial capital gains can also be expected, especially with the upcoming completion of a rail link to Bangkok.

Condo developments can be found in quiet central location in Pattaya that guarantee an 8% annual return for two years as well as lifestyle elements such as swimming pools and rooftop gardens.

For many retirees and families, real estate in Jomtien has the strong attractions of an excellent beach with a host of water sports as well as a calm residential atmosphere in marked contrast to Pattaya's constant activity.

The quieter rural surroundings of Lake Mabprachan have attracted high-end bespoke villa projects. This niche of Pattaya real estate takes advantage of the town's many skilled artisans to offer a quality of building and design almost unique in the Thai market.

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