Should I buy a new house or second hand house in Thailand?

Should I buy a new house or second hand house Should I buy a new house or second hand house

As the costs of land in Thailand increase and the size of new home lots shrink, potential buyers must ask themselves should I buy a new house or second hand house?

Purchasing an older home has some advantages that a newer one does not. For example, many older homes have been built on larger lot sizes and offer bigger lawns with gardens. This also means that they have plenty of room for pets, children’s play areas and swimming pools. In addition they will already have large mature trees to provide much needed shade.

Another advantage of living in a used home is that they are located in well established neighbourhood where zoning changes are unlikely to occur. Making it unlikely that a large and noisy entertainment complex will spring up next door. Plus, a used home will have many long term neighbours, so there will already be a tightly knit sense of community compared to a new housing tract with many vacant homes still waiting to be sold.

On the other hand, the benefits of buying a new house include, the ability to choose many of the finishes, such as floors, fixtures and cabinets. The energy cost of maintaining a new home is often less because of improved methods of insulation and energy efficient appliances. A newer home will require few if any repairs, first because thay are new and have not yet experienced years of wear and tear. The surrounding homes in the neighbourhood will also all be new, while the condition of homes in an older neighbourhood can be uneven.

But for most buyers, the pros and cons of new versus old really don’t matter all that much because most will pick a home that they can afford and one that appeals to them.

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