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Colliers: Real Estate Prices for 2013 Remain Positive Featured


Renters become buyers; Yields to compress

In 2013, real estate prices in the region are predicted to stay in the upward trend not just because of the rising prices of commodities including some construction materials from the replacement cost angle but also the growth expectations in the region and the underlying demand from end-users, occupiers and investors.

Looking at the prospective GDP growth in the region, China is going to be the key driver which is predicted to generate a significant positive spill-over to the rest of countries in Asia. Shortly after the conclusion of the 18th National People’s Congress in 4Q 2012, the economic growth of China in 2013 is predicted to be stronger. The main reason is that massive investment has been made in a number of infrastructure projects which will definitely drive growth.

Meanwhile, the prevailing relaxed monetary policy is going to sustain in 2013 given the rate of price inflation has been staying at low level. Comparing 2013 to 2012, the only difference is that the growth rate of real estate prices is expected to taper off slightly from the range of 5 - 9% per year in 2012 to 2 - 5% per year in 2013.

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