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Pattaya Property News @ The Village with Julian Stanley from New Developments

October 31, 2012 - Since this week Pattaya Property News is a fact.

Online and ready to roll. Even though still working on a few details on the website, last weekend they did record their first interview with property expert Julian Stanley from New Developments Pattaya.

Rod McNeli, experienced reporter, together with Martin Carlyle, Pattaya's well known freelance cameraman met with Julian at his office and in the gardens of The Village shoppingmall. Pattaya Property News will be weekly onsite with different keyfigures of the Pattaya Property market to find out what goes on behind the scenes. Who is building, what are they building, why are they building and how do they see the future of Pattaya, a fast growing metropolitan area. Pattaya Property New's TV interviews, articles and columns are presented at

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Pattaya Property News

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