Pattaya Property News @ Ocean Residential Properties with Khun Naparat Tadsonthi (Jane)

Pattaya Property News reporter Rod McNeil meets Khun Naparat Tadsonthi (Jane) at her office in Jomtien.

As the owner of Ocean Residential Properties she is responsible for huge investments in the property industry in Pattaya. Ocean Residential Properties buys large amounts of units, sometimes whole buildings, in several popular developments and sells them to individual buyers under market price.

Pattaya Property News - Onsite.Inside.Outside Next week Pattaya Property News meets at the Crande Caribbean and talks with the manager about the company and their plans. Want to know more? Send us an email or join our forum and talk about your findings, experiences, ideas, problems and successes. Join us in the conversation and be involved in the pattaya property market.

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