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A report of JLL: International commercial real estate transactions up in Q3 2013

International commercial real estate markets remain to increase the expectations in 2013 just like  initial contract volumes in the first three quarters of was stated by Jones Lang LaSalle Capital Markets research that contain distances of 60 countries and more than 130 cities worldwide.  Initially direct commercial real estate investment volumes in Q3 2013 reached US$125 billion globally, more than three percent of Q2 2013 and more than 25 percent when it is associated to Q3 2012.

Nowadays Global volumes contain more than  US$100 billion for six sequential quarters in addition to this it is predicted that usually it will remain the tough fourth quarter. JLL restructured its 2013 expected contract volumes to $475-500 billion, from $450 to 500 billion, along the last result that is nearer to the upper limit.

Director International Capital Group at JLL Arthur de Haast, Lead stated that “International transactional volumes have subjective by financiers who are seeing exterior to their home markets for chances.  Through the successful stages of hazard appetite as well as some helpful economic environment, financiers are much contented and observing the opportunities through the continuum in positions of both sectors as well as location .”

In the survey all three areas are gaining of the time last year with constant tough desire for major markets by one Asia Pacific seeing a pullback in Q3. During this the Americas observe a 15 percent increase in contract volumes in Q3 as compared to Q2 2013.

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