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Bangkok ranks at number three relating to the prices of office rents

The capital of Thailand is a city out of the world’s office markets where the rise in both of the rents and the take up rates are occurring. After the cities of Wellington and Manila, Bangkok has been ranked third in the list of the states that have the most economical rates for renting office location, although the increase in demand and a little supply in return adds to the renting prices but still the office rents are very low in Bangkok.The reports that show the market view the second quarter of 2013 edition states that the office occupiers are very cautious here until the downbeat of the economic outlook starts.

The index of the office rental recorded shows a relative growth of about 0.1% quarter and was straight in the seven quarters that have passed the 0.2% decline shown by the second quarter turned up to be the third flat result the actual rental movement that was more significant was the rental movement in Beijing where for the first time the A grade rents decreased in the span of three years.

A quarter of eight consecutive growth for the A grade central business district was recorded in Bangkok leading to an increase of 8.6% per year. The executive director of the services at CBRE Thailand states that the rents of grade A might begin to increase due to the increasing demand and the limited supply, still the rate of growth has crossed its peak level.

The space available in Bangkok is of extremely little choice, especially for the tenants that occupy a space of about 1000 Sq.m. they now have to take the offices at leasing even when the buildings are not completed and are under construction.


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