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Condo Sale in Bangkok

Due to boom in condo market rich investors are taking great interest in buying property in Thailand.  It is stated by Mr. Suriya from Woraluk major residence limited that although there are not much new condos and competition is not very tough but still demand for super condos is very high. 

A survey report conducted by CB Richard Ellis stated that approximately eleven hundred and ninety eight units have been rented under one project only. On experimental bases price was just seven million, on average two lac for per thirty nine square meters. Mr. Sukhumyit states that in first project about thirty two units, built in three story building, were sold bringing profit of about thirty million. These condos include pent houses with single room of four hundred square meters.  These condos are bought by wealthy people of Thailand as these cost only one hundred and twenty million only.  On the other hand land resources are getting scarce with prices going high due to increased foreign investment. 

However the condominium have great potential of investment as ASEAN economic community is expanding its trade in this particular area. 

Prices for Super Luxurious Condos the prices are high ranging from two lac per square, to one and half to 1.99 lac per square.

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