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Demand of Thailand Property enhances because of ASEAN Community 2015

Community of THE ASEAN ECONOMIC is coming up in 2015 and increasing housing request in the Northeast, particularly from Vietnamese, depositors of Japanese South as well as Korean are growing in Laos, conferring from information of the Real Estate Information Centre of the Government Housing Bank.

These Residences containing  prices  from Bt3.1 million-Bt5 million were prevalent in Nakhon Ratchasima, accounting for 33 per cent of the whole, surveyed by Bt2.1 million-Bt3 million, Bt1.1 million- Bt2 million with a portion of 21 per cent, as well as up to Bt1 million. The key places for induction of residential projects in Nakhon Ratchasima were Muang and Pak Chong districts .In the 11th month of last year ,About  11 houses  projects were presented with 2,250 units having value of almost Bt5 billion.

About 4,640 housing units for auction were presented by Khon Kaen and noted that out of which 2,700 were low in growth houses that are consisting of town houses, duplexes, sole family homes and shop houses of value Bt9.7 billion. It was stated by the information Centre  that the outstanding houses containing the 1,900 units having value of  Bt2.8 billion as per September last year.

About half portion  has now been vended, It was also supposed  by Houses  containing price   concerning  Bt3.1 million as well as  Bt5 million were 59 per cent of the whole, surveyed by means of  2.1 million-Bt3 million with 27 per cent and up to Bt1 million.

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