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Developers Find a New Way to increase Capital in Thailand Real Estate Investment

A large number of important inventers have strategy to issue funds for property of value more than Bt30 billion collectively, in order to increase money to assist in the development of business above the rest of this year and through 2014.

While the number of investable possessions in emerging areas has improved suddenly in current years, As soon as it is to be included in the property funds that is already delivered this year, about Bt100 billion value of such funds will have been supplied in the whole year.

Increase of funds by means of the investment market has the benefit of dropping financial costs of developers when these are associated with deriving from commercial banks as well as the issuance of debentures, conferring to a survey by means of The Nation as well as facts from the Exchange Commission and Securities.

Due to these reasons inventors contain long-drawn-out in their investment in businesses of rental-income just like office buildings, hotels and retail, which are considered the causes for delivering property funds  that is to be promoted to real-estate investment trusts (REITs) in the next year with an opinion of rising capital in the coming future.

Although property funds or real-estate investment trusts (REITs) are sources of increasing low-cost investment for developers, There are also  some registered property organizations that are involved in developing projects that will deliver periodic revenue for the company in the future  in a straight line.

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