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Developers welcome the ideas of Finance Ministry to Tax the Vacant and New Land

Developers of Real estate received the ideas of Thai Finance Ministry to tax the vacant and new land plots at a minimum rate of 0.5% of the plot charges that is projected to result in enhanced accessibility of land for growth as well as to generate economic worth, The Nation described this week.

It was stated by the Issara Boonyoung, chief executive of Kanda Group and consultant to the Housing Business Association that developers decided about the plan of taxation for vacant land, in this approach landlords will be required to bring about their property and also permit others to utilize it, as a result of it land prices will be high, When landlords contain vacant real estate and they must pay tax on it, it also influence and inspire them to place it in the market. Though, CEO of SC Asset Corporation, Kree Dejchai, assumed that the tax should contain a partial influence on prices of land that are mostly firmed by means of the place as well as demand for plots.

It was described by the Somchai Sujjapongse the Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong in a seminar was arranged by the Real Estate Information Centre (REIC) conversing the "Influences of Economic Policy and also the Public Sector Investment in the Market of Thai Property Development and accepted the measure, currently it contained within a draft bill on land taxes and building that Kittiratt needs to take influence.

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