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Investors of Thailand jump on real estate market London

A UK based real estate contractor, Land Securities expects a growth in capital invasion from investors of Thai in the property market for example it anticipates to trade six different projects of houses for buyers of Thai.

Those Thais who are visiting London are considered the premier financiers in the world, a residential director of Land Securities Tom Eshelby, assumed that in a demonstration of the new Kings Gate project of company in Southwest London.

There are different reasons due to which Thai buyers invest in London housing market for several reasons, said by Eshelby. Certain people perceive it a powerful chance of investment, although some others purchase assets or property for their children who live in London.

Land Securities contain an innovative project of houses in Victoria before this year. This 14 story tower contain features of 100 units getting from 44 to 321 sqm in size, which have an initial price of THB1 million (USD32, 000) per sqm.

Investors of Southeast Asian should now acquire 70 units in the expansion, with Thai purchasers accounting for three units of value THB50 million (USD1.5 million).

“We also have a purpose to keep additional six units sold in Bangkok of value THB500 million (USD16 million),” it is assumed by Eshelby that “in the coming year we will come back over again with a greater and innovative project, The Nova, of value THB17.5 billion (USD556 million).

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