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LH focusing New detached-housing Standard for residential projects Featured

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Thailand Land & Houses Bank is focusing on its innovative Air Plus detached-housing system to be the new standard for the listed company's residential projects, Suparat Veerakul,vice president of corporate communications said yesterday.

The pilot project launch of the Mantana brand, which utilises the Air Plus design, will take place this year at four Bangkok locations: Watcharapong, Rama IX, Onnuj Ring Road and Ram-Indra.

The Mantana projects, which comprise detached housing priced between Bt5 million and Bt10 million, will be followed by the same Air Plus standard being utilised in all market segments covered by the developer, including townhouses and condominiums, she said.

The Air Plus concept, which is part of the company's LH Smart residential design programme, has taken five years to develop in collaboration with Prof Dr Joseph Khedari, director of the Rattanakosin College for Sustainable Energy and Environment, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin.

The resulting technology entails an innovative air flow for housing, which is more comfortable for home-owners than conventional designs, the company said.

Chaiyoot Chinmahavong, vice president for the Business Development Department, said the cost of developing the Air Plus system represents only 1 per cent of the total construction cost, and the system is friendly to the residential environment and home-owners' health.

"From this year through to 2015, all of Land & Houses' homes will use Air Plus technology in all market categories," he said.

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