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Plans of Ornsirin to grow in the Bangkok market

Ornsirin Group is known as one of the important property developers in Chiang Mai, It is  in business for more than  7 years and has developed with Chiang Mai, It is sais by the CEO of Ornsirin Group, Boonlert Buranupakorn. Ornisirin Group is consisting of developments of townhomes, houses, commercial properties and housing estates.

In several parts of Chiang Mai the companies contain the benefit of large land assets agreeing it to grow into a improved price in addition to this it also permit for lower costs as compared to newcomers to the Chiang Mai property.

It is said by Boonlert Buranupakorn that “I idea seems profitable for both the project owner and customers, it permits consumers to keep good quality at a fair price, we always deliver good things to our consumers. About 21 projects has been established by Ornsirin Group since 2006 and it including  6,000 units of townhomes, housing estates and commercial buildings under the Ornsirin brand, Approximately 9 housing  projects with 720 units by Ornsirin brand  as well as  2 houses with 500 units under the brand The Astra.

Single housing projects of Ornsirin are consisting of View of Ornsirin Park in Chiang Mai Mae Jo Road, Ornsirin 2 River View on the Chiang Mai, Ornsirin 3 Park and Lake on the Third ring Road, Ornsirin 4 Natural Park at km 4 on the Chiang Mai Phrao Road, Ornsirin 5 Modern Life in Doi Saket to 12 and Ornsirin 14. The group also has ideas to increase the project in some other provinces of North to assist the development of the housing community of the imminent AEC.

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