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Promoting professionalism in Thai real estate

For the promotion of Thailand CIPS 2013, a networking event was hosted by the leading real estate organizations such as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association of Thailand (RESAM).

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) deal with the credibility issues with the people within Thai real estate market that lack appropriate qualification to gain global recognition.

The CIPS course will enable the graduating students to be equipped with the skills required for marketing and selling the real estate properties across the globe. It will also strengthen the relations between the real estate industry figures.

The skills and experiences offered by CIPS course will help the real estate industry managers to protect their own interest and will also overcome credibility issues. Thus, they will be able to compete against the foreign real estate organizations in Thailand. CIPS course will broaden the vision of local real estate professionals which will help them to succeed in the presence of well well organized real estate organization from out of country.

The CIPS provides the local real estate professionals an opportunity to collaborate closely with the foreign professionals. It helps them to learn from the experiences of those who have multinational exposure.

Nina Serebrykova, project director of CIPS 2013 Thailand and Marketing committee member of RESAM, viewed the CIPS helpful in creation of understanding of professional fraternity from local to international level. It will generate opportunities for expansion of business. The CIPS will develop world standard culture and professionalism in the local real estate industry.

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