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Supalai Targets Overseas Business Expansion Featured

Supalai Mare @ Pattaya Supalai Mare @ Pattaya

Thailand property Developer Supalai is expanding its investment in Asia. The company is allocating THB2 billion from its overall investment budget of THB15 billion for investments overseas.

Supalai recently set up Supalai Philippines Inc in order to increase presence in that country’s growing property market. Supalai chief executive officer Prateep Tangmatitham said that the company is studying plans to expand investment in other countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Australia. It is also looking at Russia, he said.

“We set up an investment budget of Bt2 billion to expand investment in six countries that are already being studied for the investment process. Our business expansion, the ASEAN Economic Community, will be effective in 2015. ASEAN countries will be important targets for our overseas business expansion,” he said.

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