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Switching of Chinese property buyers from Hong Kong to Thailand

The government of Hong Kong is trying to keep Chinese buyers away due to record high prices of property.  This has helped in stepping in of many other destinations for investment thus attracting many rich mainlanders from Hong Kong. A property developer from Thailand, named Sansiri, has launched a road show in previous month for an apartment project near beach in Phuket, in a luxurious hotel of Hong Kong.  Its price range was from HK $ 1.77 million to $ 13.2 million per flat.

He also has stated that about two and half million tourists of china has visited Thailand in previous years. He predicted that their number will increase in coming years. He showed hope that there is a bright possibility that some wealthy Chinese will be willing to buy property in form of flats in Phuket, as previously many of them did buy in Hong Kong previously.  

In addition to this many other property developers are launching property projects in Hong Kong from United Kingdom almost every week end.  Although all of them cannot afford luxurious road shows so many of them are using alternative and cheaper ways for their promotional campaigns.

In addition to all this another effort is made by Robert Fruechtl, director of small consulting company, named skill road invest, to develop a network of native agents for finding rich mainlanders, who can invest in German property.

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