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Thai Developers Develop the Destinations of Visitor

According to a survey led by the Government of Housing Bank's Real Estate Information Centre (REIC) that developers of Thailand are gradually increasing in the housing market in main visitor places, comprising of resorts in the Chon Buri areas as well as  Pattaya, where projects having value more than 200 billion baht and  announced in 2013 to prices of  land and date will be  doubled  over the previous five years, The study revealed that more than 200 projects were launched to the market such as from mid-2013 at a total of 170 billion baht.

According to property adviser CB Richard Ellis Thailand, In addition to this about 41,000 housing  units will be finished as well as  launched in Pattaya in 2013.Another 50,000 by 2015, About 40% of them will be in the area of Jomtien, 13% in Kho Pra Tamnuk, 7% in Na Jomtiem,  20% in Wong Amart and one more of 20% in central Pattaya from  60% to  80% are situated close the beach.

 Meanwhile, it was stated by Aliwasa Pattanathabutr, who is the managing director at CB Richard Ellis that projects of development have moved down from extravagance to units pricing lower than 2 million baht in the last year. It means that the directed people are altered from foreign financiers to people who work in the area, the resource of housing in Pattaya as well as Chon Buri is the important in Thailand and exterior to Bangkok, it was assumed by director-general of the REIC Samma Kitsin. In this region observe an extra 96,600 residential units during 2012 in the property market.

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