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Thailand looking to become a destination famous for golf

Looking at the prosperity of Thailand in the field of golf, we have tried to display this country as a heaven place for the people who tour places for the sake of golf only. Golf has contributed a big part in making Thailand as top destination to be visited for playing golf. Out of the dynamic diverse cities, Bangkok is one.

Almost 60 courses that vary in standards are there in the city and conurbations. In order to handle the golf tours, there are readily available restaurants and international hotels. There are best hotels ranked throughout the world that ranges from world class to budget standard. Moreover, in order to amuse the golf tours, there are world class international shopping malls that provide everything relating to culture and luxuries and even the needs and wants. Same like Bangkok there are also very beautiful and world class destinations located in Thailand that attracts the golf tours from all over the world.

These sites include Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai. These places are very beautifully developed with all the facilities like hoteling, tourism, shopping and most of all the world’s best golf courses that attracts the golfers from all over the world to this small country, Thailand.

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