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Thailand Property Awards strive to New Khao Yai category

Thailand Property Awards is pleased to announce a new category this year: Best Residential Development Khao Yai.  The selection of new category is a witness to the worthwhile destination for high-end possessions Khao Yai.

Only one and half hour away from Bangkok, the Khao Yai property market is complete with stylish luxury projects and bespoke architecture, making it a desirable area to buy property for Bangkok residents along with spectacular scenery. Hundred units were launched in the first three months of this year out of more than 5oo residential launched between 2007 and 2012. Managing director ‘Sunchai Nuengsit, Buildersmart’ said. “So the total supply in March 2013 was greater than 4,300 units.

Another important protection gave to cooperative buyers is the requirement to observe a standardized form for all purchase contracts as approved by the Ministry of the Interior and any deviation this prescription is not helpful to the buyer shall be restrained as unenforceable. This aims to systematize and make regular purchase contracts in order to avoid conditions where essential stipulations have been vague of the contract either fortuitously or determination. Along with this, law also requires an exhaustive account of specific use for each area in the condominium building, explicitly, the spaces, nature of the consumptions and other interests as might prescribed by the Minister. Any potential buyer would have the rights to claim that any omitted requirement casing these particulars be unified into the contract.

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