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The Edge Village in Koh Chang Thailand for sale

Having worked for numerous years to secure the land and necessary permissions to develop an eco sustainable development of 19 luxury homes and a club residence on Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand, owners Martin and Sirpun Chengseng just recently decided to put the job on the marketplace.

"For the past 2 years we paused and now we have actually chosen to sell the development or continue with partners," stated Chengseng. "The project is too huge for us alone, so the best financial basis is to sell it as one device or continue with an active partner and offer equal rights and obligations.".

Located on a cliffside surrounded by mature trees, The Edge Town covers 25,000 sqm with full infrastructure in place, including concrete roads to all areas, street lighting, landscaping, high-voltage power supply with underground telephone and web lines.

The oceanview site also currently features a luxury personal home and club residence with pool, balcony, lounge, bar, sauna, fitness-Room, recreation rooms and guest rooms.

With infrastructure in place and based upon the size of the development, the options for investors at The Edge Village are differed. The owners had actually initially prepared to build personal homes, however state the website would also suit condos, an eco-resort development or even a retirement or nursing home.

A total amount of 80 percent of Koh Chang is designated National forest and the island is one of 52 protected islands identified by the Thailand's Tourism Authority as a prime location for green tourist in Thailand.

"The architecture and design of The Edge Village is based upon the impressive nature on Koh Chang," included Chengseng. "All the natural resources, trees and plants were kept in the architecture and design of the development, which is built around natural concepts in mix with luxury features and worldwide, high quality building standards.".


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