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Trade barriers and Thailand

Thailand has been found showing interests in union with the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), that is backed by US. This aims to develop a ruthless plan regarding free trading about the Asian pacific region but Bangkok has made it straight and clear to the TPP that it should not affect its economy and thus carrying down the barriers in the trade. Across the Asian pacific region, TPP has planned to develop a very high level of integration in the economic matters. The former President of US George W Bush showed some lack of interest in the previous decade which contributes to the arising of china as a major economic and political force.

A negotiation with eight countries is going on these days by the US. These countries include Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand and Chile whereas Mexico, Canada and Japan have also the same opinion regarding the formation of the TPP block. The nations of Washington are also pushed to combine this process by using the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation).

It is to be very keenly observed by the Thailand that their national economy and the local industries must not be affected by the membership at the TPP bloc, said Surapong. Although he was anxious that the government is always keen in enhancing the cooperation and trade with US and the relations between American communities of business and Thai.

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