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Tulip Sign agreement with Hydro

Tulip Group that is the local property developer newly contracted a contract with Hydro for Technal products of its top class, extraordinary increase in houses, hotel Waterfront Suites and Residences.  Hydro will resource a Technal Screen wall system, beside all sliding doors, windows and crystal railing for the project.

Hydro seems a worldwide dealer of aluminum products as well as screen wall glass frontage that is established in Norway.  This company contains about 22,000 employs in more than 40 countries.  Technal delivers a variety of technically advanced and inventive screen walling, low rise frontage products, windows and door established to encounter precise desires for improved design flexibility, current recital, and visual appeal.

“We are pleased to keep a signed agreement containing an admired company which suggests remarkable worldwide products.   it is committed by Tulip Group to providing a spectacular property to the  esteemed customers  however Pattaya also realized that this structure will developed into an image of the city because of its position that is straight to the ‘Pattaya’ sign,” it was stated by Vice President of Tulip Group Jason Payne.

Structure of the scheme remains at a wild pace, similarly in order to extend the swiftness of the structure even  Tulip Group will initiate the  installation of windows doors and external frontage works, not while the construction of building is entirely finished floor by floor through the structure of building. We will adjacent the construction with external works at all 5 floors.  This not only fluctuate the outside of the construction.

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