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Young buyers attracted by the Phuket condos

Connext condo is a community concept of eight stories that is very much affordable and economical for the first time young buyers willing to buy homes in Thailand. Is winning features include various leisure facilities along professionally designed and amusing sports facilities.

Connext condo is a unique and first project of its type ran by a real estate developer of family resident in Phuket Thanee that has emerged out of the conservative mixed use of communities after a span of ten years in the real estate business.

As stated earlier that the homes are economical and attractive to buy for the first time buyers who are young, the Ms Peeraya Teowattanakul, the executive director of sales of marketing, states that the concept of eight stories with the professional facilities of sports and leisure is a distinguishing feature of this project.

She also added that the matching and mixed concept of Life, work, and play along with the availability of swimming pool of Olympic length, world class standard, leisure time, and health and fitness facilities at the doorstep really appeals to the modern generation interested in buying homes of their own at an affordable price.

Another thing that attracts the buyers to buy the houses here is from the viewpoint of investment in Thailand. The rapidly growing and prospering country is having a bright future in the business field of real estate. This also motivates the young buyers to invest in and have a house in the connext condo as future earnings.



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